Port Fairy film society

Welcome to the port fairy film Society

Port Fairy Film Society screenings are a return to the simple pleasure of a good night at the movies with friends. Our films are normally screened on the 3rd Friday of every month starting at 7:30 pm,  We host regular Community Fundraisers and run two for ourselves and our summer movie program runs through January. We also run an Australian Film Festival in July as part of the Winter Weekends Festival.

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 The Square

Friday 15 june at 7.30 pm

A prestigious Stockholm museum's chief art curator finds himself in times of both professional and personal crisis as he attempts to set up a controversial new exhibit.

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Friday 29 june

Community Fund Raiser 3X Screenings

9.30am  St Pats Port Fairy

11.30am PF Consolidated & Hawkesdale college

7.30pm Belfast Aquatics

Based on the New York Times bestseller, WONDER tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time.

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 2018 Australian Film Festival

Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July

Sweet Country

Friday 6 July 7.30pm

Australian western set on the Northern Territory frontier in the 1920s, where justice itself is put on trial when an aged Aboriginal farmhand shoots a white man in self-defense and goes on the run as a posse gathers to hunt him down.

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Don't Tell

Saturday 7 July 2.00pm

Don't Tell is a 2017 Australian drama film directed by Tori Garrett and starring Jack Thompson, Aden Young and Sara West. The Missy Higgins song "Torchlight" was composed for the film.

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Saturday 7th July 7.30pm

Based on Tim Winton’s award-winning novel of the same name, Simon Baker’s feature film directorial debut BREATH follows two teenage boys, Pikelet (Samson Coulter) and Loonie (Ben Spence), growing up in a remote corner of the Western Australian coast. Hungry for discovery, the pair form an unlikely friendship with Sando (Simon Baker), a mysterious older surfer and adventurer, who pushes the boys to take risks that will have a lasting and profound impact on their lives.

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The Dish

Sunday 8th July 7.30pm

The true story of a group of eccentric scientists who are responsible for manning a satellite dish inauspiciously located on a remote Australian sheep farm. Much to NASA's alarm, the unconventional Aussie team -- led by Cliff Buxton (Sam Neill) -- are the world's only hope for receiving the historic images of man's first steps on the moon. With help from the colorful cast of local characters, the crew struggles to overcome a series of mishaps.


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